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Green Screen Technology is a technique for which you composite two images together in which a color from one image is removed, revealing another image behind it. This technique is also called color keying, color separation overlay green screen, and or blue screen. This is the same process used in movie and television industry. It makes it possible for actors to be placed in a different background by removing the green or blue screen from behind the actor and replacing it with another image.

It is through this technique which we used to create our Portrait Photo's. It allows us to match the backgrounds according to the colors and photos we have on our computer before final processing is done.

Originally we wanted to use the conventional stationary backdrops like most studio’s. We found this to be very limiting to the backgrounds we could use for portrait photography. Since technology has changed in the photo industry and we already were familiar with computer software which allows easier manipulation of the backgrounds. We found the green muslin  to be the most useful.  This is the format we use and find it although more work, worth the results.

Green Screen Photo
Green Screen Photo
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